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Effective Date: 10 April 2019


Welcome to Gilda&Partners web site (“Site”). “Gilda&Partners”, “we” and “us” as used herein refer to Jilda Bal Human Resources Management Consultancy, its partners, managers, office employees, independent subcontractors and representatives. Please read the Terms of Use below carefully and be sure that you understand them fully. Those who make use of the services offered in this Web Site or have somehow access to the Site (individuals and/ or entities) shall be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions..


Gilda&Partners reserve the right to change the present Terms of Use, any information, forms and contents in this Site at all times. Changes will be regularly posted in the Site and applicable as of the posting date. Therefore, you should check the effective date above when you use this Site and in case of a change to that date, you should go over new terms.


Qualified to Accept Terms of Use

When you make use of the services offered here or have access to the Site, you declare as well that you are legally qualified to accept Terms of Use for yourself and –if any- person(s) represented by you. If you do not accept any of Terms here or is not qualified to approve or accept them, you may not use the Site. By making use of the Site, you also acknowledge that you are over the age of legal majority who can form legally binding agreement(s) under the applicable law and that you are qualified to assume liabilities for any requirements, conditions, confirmations, guarantee and mandate referred to herein and to be evaluated subject to, and to comply with, the present Terms of Use.


Data Accuracy, Completeness and Currency

Data and job ads posted at the Site are not binding employment offers. Gilda&Partners do not guarantee the validity of job opportunities offered at the Site. Likewise, as contents of job are not created by Gilda&Partners but employers, Gilda&Partners do not guarantee that offered data and contents are fully true, correct or original. Gilda&Partners does not assume any liability or responsibility as for the accuracy, completeness, currency or originality of any data in the Site. Gilda&Partners is not under the obligation to send, transmit, distribute or otherwise present any material available in the Site.


Gilda&Partners reserves the right to cease services, remove or change contents or close positions offered at any time in connection with all data here without any prior notice and without any obligation.


Site Use

Texts, designs, graphics, logos, icons, pictures, voice clips, downloadable materials, interface, code, software and all Gilda&Partners intellectual property rights as well as their selection and editing all belong to Gilda&Partners, its licensors and/or content providers and are protected by copyrights, trade marks and other applicable laws. Unless otherwise is stated by Gilda&Partners, data and/or materials in the Site may not be copied, downloaded and/or printed out. Property rights of all data and materials here are the property of Gilda&Partners. Gilda&Partners do not guarantee or represent that data and/or materials in the Site shall not infringe rights of third parties not related to Gilda&Partners.


The User agrees that he shall be liable for and about compliance of data and materials offered over the Site with laws, their reliability, appropriateness and originality as well as their copyright. (i) Wrong, fraudulent, offensive, defamatory, obscene, threatening, contents or contents that violate confidentiality or advertising rights, infringe intellectual property rights, or contain strong or sexually explicit language or any other unlawful element, or (ii) contents that are criminal, encourage crimes, eschew the rights of any party, result in a liability or are in breach of any law, or (iii) software viruses, political propaganda, chain letters, bulk e-mails or similar “unsolicited” texts may not be uploaded, sent or posted at the Site. Users should not provide wrong e-mail addresses or personal details nor should they describe themselves by using details of another individual or entity or should not provide misleading details about their identities, educational background, past or job qualifications. Users should not upload data of any other person even if such person is a friend of them. Users should not upload commercial contents to the Site. Otherwise users themselves shall be liable.


Users represent that they understand and given their consent that personal data provided by them to the Site upon their consent are gathered and processed subject to applicable law and shall be shared with employers.



The Site contains links to other web sites that may be used for additional information. Gilda&Partners are not under the obligation to review data contained therein in full and do not assume any liability about contents, data, materials, products and services offered by those other web sites. Links to other web sites do not necessarily mean that their contents are approved; moreover, use of those sites is subject to different terms of use. Gilda&Partners shall not be liable for any losses, damages and other liabilities arising from the use of web sites referred to by the Site.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights of Gilda&Partners in the Site, including trade marks, logos and service marks shall be the registered and unregistered trade marks of Gilda&Partners, its affiliates, content providers and other third parties. All these trade marks, logos and service marks are the properties of their respective owners. Nothing in the Site may allow the use of any trade mark, logo or service mark without the permission of its owner by way of implication, in a manner to eliminate objection rights or otherwise unless its owner gives written permission. Gilda&Partners reserve all rights expressly described and granted in the Site and such rights related to the Site contents.


Limitation of liability

Gilda&Partners shall not be liable for any direct or indirect losses that may arise from the access to, or the use of, the Web Site. Gilda&Partners may restrict or stop access to the Web Site or any part of it. It is hereby acknowledged that Gilda&Partners shall be exempted from any liabilities, losses, including court fees and other expenses, and rights of claims that may arise from the access or visit by the user to this Web Site or other web sites lined from here or from the use of such visits.



Site users agree that they shall indemnify, defend and hold Gilda&Partners, its office employees, managers, employees, contractors and suppliers against any and all expenses and costs, including such losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, damages, reasonable attorney fees and court fees arising from the use of the Site and violation of Terms of Use.


Applicable Law

Disputes that may arise from the Terms of Use in this Web Site shall be subject to Turkish law and Istanbul Central Courts and Execution Offices shall have jurisdiction over them.



Where any provision of these Terms of Use is unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, this shall not affect the validity of remaining provisions.


Assignment of the contract

Gilda&Partners may assign this contract in part or in full at any time at its sole discretion without any prior notice. However, the user may not assign this Contract or any part of it to any other party. Such an assignment shall become null and void.



Please send your questions and comments, if any, regarding the terms of use and this Web site to the following address: info@gildaandpartners.com


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