Personal Data Confidentiality Policy


Your personal data: Certain personal data of those users who visit our web site and/ or submit their curriculum vitae (CV) over the link available at our web site are collected and gathered by Jilda Bal İnsan Kaynakları Yönetim Danışmanlığı (“Gilda &Partners”), a company registered with Istanbul Trade Registry no.105326-5 and head office of which is located at the address of Esentepe Mah. Büyükdere Cad. Levent 199 Binası No: 199/6 34394 Şişli, Istanbul, in its capacity at the Data Controller pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law no. 6698 (“Law”) and is processed in line with the Personal Data Protection Law and the applicable legislation.


In this respect, your personal data below are collected:


1. Data directly provided to us by submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV);

2. Data directly provided to us by completing the contact form (name, surname, e-mail etc);

3. Certain data collected during your visit to our Web site, including IP address, city-country details, site visit times etc.

4. Data posted at our own web site and social media platforms.


Such data are processed in line with the applicable law in order to proceed with employment process, to offer labour solutions, to send warning messages about open positions to the extent permitted by the applicable law and to respond to the questions and claims of those whose personal data are processed.


Among the personal data that are processed are the following:


• Professional and educational background

• Language skills and other professional qualifications

• Tax ID numbers, and ID number assigned by the state

• Birth date

• Gender

• Bank account details

• Citizenship and work permit status

• Social benefit details

• Details provided by references; and

• Details in your curriculum vitae, data about your areas of interest regarding your career and other data related to your qualifications required for employment;

and subject to your express consent:

• Data about disability and health;

• Criminal records and other registration records.


Your personal data are not shared with third parties arbitrarily nor are they marketed and used for advertisement purposes in any manner. Gilda&Partners keep your personal data as confidential. Your personal data are gathered and processed only if there is a statutory requirement or a court order and for the purpose of fulfilling the above-mentioned objectives.


Users/visitors of our web site may apply to Gilda&Partners at any time:

• to inquire whether their personal data are processed or not;

• if their personal data are processed, to ask information about it;

• to learn about the purpose of processing their personal data and to inquire whether such data are used in line with that purpose;

• to ask to be informed about those third parties in Turkey and abroad to whom their data are transferred;

• if their personal data are misprocessed or under processed, then to ask for its correction;

• to demand that their personal data should be erased or destroyed;

• to ask that correction of misprocessed or under processed personal data or the erasure or destruction of such data should be notified to third parties to whom such data are transferred,

• to object to any consequences to their detriment in case processed data are analysed via automatic systems

• to demand for the indemnity of loss in case they sustain a loss on account of the unlawful process of the data.


You are advised to read PERSONAL DATA STORAGE AND DESTRUCTION POLICY for more detailed information.